I'm new to circuit debating, but this page helped me out a lot when, so I thought I better give back to the community.


I switched in 2017 because it's just better.

(Res: Plea bargaining ought to be abolished in the US criminal justice system)

I used this at Ridge and Harvard it did pretty well, only beaten once in the octos
I used this at Ridge and Harvard, the first case I wrote pretty late at Harvard, the second one did pretty bad.

(Res: Wealthy Nations have an obligation to provide developmental assistance to other nations)

Lol I still said pro


(Res: NCAA student-athletes ought to be recognized as employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act)

This was all I wrote, I switched right after this

(Res: The US government should fully fund universal health care coverage)

These constructives I read a lot, but there were other analytics I used.

This was just an A2 map my partner and I created.

(Res: US public K-12 schools should be allowed to regulate students off campus electronic speech)

Read this a lot
Never really used this

Read this a lot