Hey! Coming from a state with literally zero circuit background, this wiki was incredibly helpful to me my freshman year - I learned most circuit norms and conventions (good and bad) from downloading and reading everything I could from this wiki. I'm uploading some of my more fun stuff from the TOC topic (nothing from previous topics was really that good since I didn't figure out what i was doing in debate until around Emory). Feel free to do whatever you want with this stuff, but I would say it's more helpful to read through and understand than to just swipe cards. I've omitted generic stuff anyway but I've left the headers. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me at ishanbhatt42@gmail.com or Facebook me.

- Ishan

Also - I was kinda unsure about how I wanted to format things, so different files will have things in a different way based on when during the topic I wrote them.


This was my only 1ac throughout the topic - I thought it sort of did a really good job addressing the core of the topic so I liked it alot.

(Unbroken) This might just be the coolest thing I've ever written.


I wrote this when the Harvard-Westlake journalism aff was first disclosed, but I read it against everything. Maybe my favorite neg position on the topic.

(unbroken in pic form) this was also read as a disad toc r1 and was in disad form form in a bunch of case negs

(unbroken) this was a pretty fun and specific process pic that i was going to read against procedural phil democracy affs, particularly Raffi's Democracy aff and Hunter's Pragmatism aff

(very unbroken) this one was semantic and kinda funny - i was probably never going to read it


Case Negs
I'm only uploading the ones I thought had interesting arguments in them.

The disad + pic in here was super specific and I'm kinda sad I never read it.

The pic in here was pretty specific to the aff thesis and just an all around cool argument.

phil pics are fun

this one and the pragmatism one were pretty similar and the reg neg process pic worked pretty well

I never understood why a single person didn't read the revenge porn pic against the military aff because a) west point is famous for harassment/revenge porn and b) there's super cool K lit about omission of gender in militarism analysis which makes this argument super strategic.

This might have been the only extinction scenario on this topic that made even the smallest bit of sense.