HEY! I'm Amit! I was really ass at debate and then I worked and I got somewhat less ass. I do a lot of prep. I cut a lot of cards. Its the only way to really emerge yourself in a topic. Many of these cards, and ideas for strategies, were also compiled by my coach SunHee Simon. Debate is awesome, however, don't let it turn you into a monster. You are still valuable even if you do not get ballots, and that's the most important advice I can give to any debater. Enjoy!

JAN/FEB 2016

TOC: (Round 4,5,7 are just the aff)


This was the original file I made on the topic at camp.


- Unbroken case neg against IPV
- Used many rounds
- Read alot
- Read Semis of NDCA only
- Read Quarters of Emory


- We got this idea during the Cal RR. This aff meant alot to our home city and we were glad we got to debate it.
- Lol ill let you figure out what ftp means

NOV/DEC- 2016


- Read all though glenbrooks
- Read mainly through scarsdale


- This was a very important aff. Obaema commuted her!
- Read alot

SEP/OCT - 2016


- Read like once
- Read alot
- Read this nonsense shell once smh


- Aff read throughout the entire topic. Was very important to us.