2014-2015 (Living Wage)

This website helped me a lot my freshman year, and without it I wouldn't be where I am today, or on the track I am for the future. I think this is a fantastic pedagogical forum, and I hope it continues and grows.If you have any questions or conversations, email me at grantbrowndebate@gmail.com. I mean that, I was always anxious and scared of emailing the "good" debaters, please if you have questions get in contact with me.

Attached here is the only position I read all seven rounds of the TOC, I had a modified shortened version for the negative, but it was the same argument and substance. Try to read the introduction if you look at the argument. I leave you with a quote from a man that has paradoxically shaped my life greatly:

Gradually it has become clear to me what every great philosophy so far has been - namely, the personal confession of its author and a kind of involuntary and unconscious memoir; also that the moral (or immoral) intentions in every philosophy constituted the real germ of life from which the whole plant had grown.
-Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

2015-2016 (Gun Control)

Once again, as I said last year - this website helped me a ton when I was learning all the nuances to LD debate. I continue to think this is an amazing pedagogical forum, and am glad to see it's proliferation and more people putting their stuff up.

Feel free to email me at grantbrowndebate@gmail.com

Attached are most of the positions I read a the TOC or Harvard (the two Jan-Feb tournaments I attended). I'm omitting a fair amount, because I cut a ton of links or case cards that I never broke, and I will almost certainly used them my Senior year. If you really want specific cites or PDFs for things you've heard I've read but haven't posted, let me know - some of the books are quite esoteric and hard to access.

Most of the stuff I read throughout the year was considered "high-theory" (whatever that means) - so honestly if you have any questions about the content of the arguments, feel free to facebook/email me and I can help explain some thoughts behind it.

Every aff round at TOC

Every aff round at Harvard/Harvard RR

Every aff round locally/non-circuit

Hylomorphism R2 TOC, then it got mixed with some Queerness and general Deleuzean/Guattarian stuff for the rest, Queerness every tournament throughout the year.

Semiocapitalism was read every neg round at the Harvard RR/most rounds at Harvard (warning - it's Baudrillardian, which always means it could be wrong - or horribly right)