Circuit Debater was a huge help for me my junior and senior year so I wanted to contribute back to the page. Most of the stuff below was worked on together by members of the Lake Highland team. A lot of it is disorganized and probably not useful for you, but I wanted to give an example of the stuff I worked on/how I worked on it. I considered myself a framework/theory debater (as you can probably note by the stuff below), but I also tried to do the K debate somewhat. If you have any questions about what is below here, you can email me at

Read Lex (Quarters), Harvard (R1, R4, R5, Doubs, Octos), TOC (R1,R3). Other versions were read throughout the topic, but this was the only one at TOC.
Framework omitted because I didn't write it (if you want cites, msg me). Read Lex (R1), Harvard RR (R2, R5), TOC (R7)
Read TOC R5
Read a lot
Read Sunvite RR

Read throughout

Read TOC R6